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F.V Logistics Limited was established to cater to individuals frustrated by the high shipping rates offered by many courier services in Jamaica.

Recognizing the limitations of current offerings, we've positioned ourselves to provide precisely what our customers need. Unlike simply rebranded or duplicated services, we offer a completely unique user experience tailored to online shoppers who seek premium services with affordable prices .

F.V Logistics Limited is the right choice for your shipping needs.

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Sign up for free via this link or the app (My Courier Portal) and get your US shipping addresses. Please note that Premium Address is for premium rates.

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Once your item is delivered to our warehouse, you'll receive an email notification, or you can track your package online through our website or app (My Courier Portal App). All updates are send through emails or you can track by using website or app.

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Shop at your favorite stores worldwide or give your family/friends the US address.

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Once your package(s) reaches Jamaica and it has been cleared by customs. You will received an email saying your package is ready to be picked up. Delivery is an option.

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We have some of the lowest rates hands down!

Please note: Freight rates and other fees are subject to change without prior notice. FV Logistics is not responsible for customers not reading or overlooking this advisory.
PLEASE NOTE: A processing fee is added to all lb and a handling fee from 15lb up


Frequently Ask Questions

My package was delivered but I do not see it in my F.V Logistics Limited account.

Packages are updates in batches. Once a package has been delivered at the warehouse house , it takes up to 24 hours or by the end of the next day to be updated on the system. If two days have passed and you haven’t received and update , please contact us asap. Also please to double check your address information.

After your package arrives at our Florida warehouse and is logged into our system, it typically takes 3 to 5 (business days) it to reach Jamaica and clear customs.
As for our shipping schedule, we ship two -three times a week by air (on Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays) and once a week by sea (on Thursdays). Please be aware that these days may vary. Should there be any delays, we'll notify our customers promptly.

FV Logistics has to declare to Jamaica customs the contents and value of each package entering the country through our service. If invoices are not provided, this will result in delays at customs and there is the possibility that the customs officer inspecting the shipment will assign a higher value to your package.

To avoid paying customs duty on your packages, ensure that your orders remain below the value of US$100. Packages valued over this amount are subject to customs duty charges.

You have up to 5 days from when the package is ready for pickup/delivery before storage fees are added. After 5 days, storage fees of $200 JMD per day for small packages and $350 JMD per day for single packages (such as boxes) will apply (even on holidays). If the package remains unclaimed after 10 days of storage, it will be considered unclaimed and subject to auction. If a claimed package is left for up to a month, it will be auctioned to cover expenses incurred from freight charges and local clearance fees.

Yes, someone else can use your account, but please note that all packages must be shipped in the name of the registered account holder. FV Logistics will not be responsible for any packages shipped under a name that is not registered. Just a reminder that registration is free .

All packages coming through Jamaica Customs are opened and inspected by a customs officer to verify that the invoice matches the contents of the package. They are then resealed using cello tape.

Unknown packages refer to shipments lacking the courier code specified in the address. It's essential to include all address information, including the courier code (e.g., KP Logistics) and its corresponding number provided by the customer or shipper. Packages missing this information will be categorized as 'Unknown.'To remove a package from the 'Unknown' status, a fee of $350 JMD applies. Additionally, the customer must provide the correct tracking number for the package's removal from 'Unknown' status.Please note that it may take up to 1 to 2 weeks to process the removal of packages from 'Unknown' status, after which they will be shipped on the next available shipment day. You will receive an email update once the package has been shipped."

Packages with weights not listed on the rate chart will be charged the next rate up. For example: A package weighing 1.5lbs will incur a charge of $600.

Packages with weights not listed on the rate chart will be charged the next rate up. For example: A package weighing 1.5lbs will incur a charge of $600.

All same day delivery must be confirmed by 12:30pm the latest , Any delivery request after that would have to be done the next day.
For faster response to delivery what’s app us at 18763700712.

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If any package is stolen or misplaced while under our care before the storage fee is incurred, you will receive a refund via the payment details provided during purchase or through your bank statement. If the item was purchased at a discounted price, you will be refunded the discounted amount paid, rather than the original cost.

Please be aware that when shipping TVs and fragile items, you do so at your own risk ⛔️. Kindly note that one of our warehouse policies is that we do not inspect televisions, so we cannot verify if they were damaged during transit by the carrier. However, we offer a special wrapping service and inspection for TVs upon request at an additional cost. Please inquire for further details."

All invoices must be submitted before packages arrive in Jamaica for clearance. Failure to submit or complete an invoice will result in the package being held uncleared until an invoice or completed invoice is provided. In such cases, an administrative fee of $1000 JMD per trip will be charged for additional services rendered.”

Please view Customs Process here

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